Ravello Records (2019)

Notturno: In Memoriam Toru Takemitsu

Tower DuoErin Helgeson Torres, flute; Michael Rene Torres, saxophone

Additional Music by Chin Ting Chan, Phillip Sink, Michael Rene Torres, Scott Brickman, Thomas Wells, Dylan Arthur Baker, and Charlie Wilmoth

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In Search Of Stillness

AMP Recordings (2017)

energy flows nervously… in search of stillness for saxophone quartet

Assembly Saxophone QuartetJeffrey Heisler, soprano saxophone; Ian Jeffress, alto saxophone; Matthew Younglove, tenor saxophone; Adam Estes, baritone saxophone

Additional music by Benjamin Taylor, Kurt Isaacson, Simon Fink, and John Fitz Rogers

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electric saxophone II

John Sampen: The Electric Saxophone II

AMP Recordings (2015) AMPREC 016

Trope for alto saxophone and pre-recorded saxophones

John Sampen, alto saxophone

Additional music by Steve Reich, Russell Pinkston, James Mobberley, Toru Takemitsu, and Mark R. Bunce

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ACA Digital Recording, Inc. (2015) CM20113

Notturno: In Memoriam Toru Takemitsu

Verismo Trio– Nicole Riner, flute; J. Scott Turpen, alto saxophone; Theresa Bogard, piano

Additional music by Russ Peterson, Sunny Knable, Dave Deason, Ivan Bozicevic, Jason Barabba, and Jason Emerson

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Bending the Light

Bending the Light

New World Records (1999) 80559-2

A Window Always Open on the Sea

The Core Ensemble – Andrew Mark, cello; Hugh Hinton, piano; Michael Parola, percussion

Additional music by Dan Welcher, Judith Shatin, Marjorie Merryman, Ross Bauer, and Peter Lieuwen

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voices of dissentVoices of Dissent

MSR Classics (2011) MS1408


Joren Cain, alto saxophone; Maila Gutierrez Springfield, piano

Additional music by Jean-Louis Petit, David M. Gordon, Fernande Decruck, Elainie Lillios, Mikel Kuehn, Burton Beerman, Astor Piazzola, and Piet Swerts

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CD 3 panel template roll foldInventions, Interludes and Interjections

Duo Montagnard (2013) – Joseph Murphy, saxophone; Matthew Slotkin, guitar

Face of the Moon

Additional music by Jonathan Elliott, Ilya Levinson, L.A. Logrande, Loretta Notareschi, Russell Peterson and David Kechley

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Shadows and Dawning

Albany Records (2002) Troy 526

Evolution V, Shadows and Dawning, and Renewing the Myth

John Sampen, alto and soprano saxophone; Marilyn Shrude, piano

Additional music by William Albright, Milton Babbitt,
Phillip Glass, Karel Husa, and Pauline Oliveros

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Carillon SkyCarillon Sky

Impermanence Records (2011) IMP 13

Continuum (Postscript ’97)

Carrie Koffman, alto saxophone; Margreet Francis, piano

Additional music by Roshanne Etezady, Augusta Read Thomas, Cindy McTee, Shulamit Ran, Marguerite Roesgen-Champion, Tanya Anisimova, and Lera Auerbach

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Images: Ryoanji Duo

Liscio Recordings (2003) LCD-05032

Face of the Moon

Frank Bongiorno, alto saxophone; Robert Nathanson, guitar

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Visions in Metaphor

Albany Records (2001) Troy 442

Visions in Metaphor and Continuum: Postscript ’97

John Sampen, alto and soprano saxophone; Marilyn Shrude, piano

Additional music by John Adams, Samuel Adler, William Albright, Milton
Babbitt, Phillip Glass, Karel Husa, and Pauline Oliveros

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Concerto for Alto Saxophone and Wind Ensemble

James Umble, alto saxophone; Steven Gage, conductor
Youngstown State University Wind Ensemble

A Portrait of American Women Composers, Vol. II

MMC Recordings (2001) MMC 2101

La Chanson du printemps… and Passage of Years

Czech Radio Symphony Orchestra
Vladimir Alek, conductor

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ATMA Records (1998) ACD 22154

Shadows and Dawning

Isabelle Lapierre, saxophone; Andre Sebastien, piano

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The Composer’s Voice: New Music from Bowling Green

Albany Records (1999) Troy 321

Into Light

Bowling Green Philharmonia
Emily Freeman Brown, conductor

John Sampen: The Electric Saxophone

Capstone Records (1997) CPS-8636

Drifting Over a Red Place

John Sampen, WX7 Wind Controller

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The Contemporary Saxophone

Neuma Records (1992) Neuma 450-80

Renewing the Myth

Additional music by Charles Wourinen, Milton Babbitt, and Morton Subotnick
John Sampen, alto and soprano saxophone; Marilyn Shrude, piano

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CDCM Computer Music Series

Centaur Records (2010) CDCM Vol. 38, CRC 3081


John Sampen, Jeffrey Heisler and James Fusik; alto saxophones

Additional music by Burton Beerman, Gregory Cornelius, Shane Hoose, Mikel Kuehn, Elainie Lillios, Michael Thompson and Dan Tramte

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The Voice of the Composer

Albany Records (2010) Troy 1214

A Virtual Reality

Bowling Green Philharmonia
Emily Freeman Brown, conductor

Additional music by Steven Stucky, Raymond Lustig, Elliot Carter and Avner Dorman

Butterfly Dance: Music by Americans

Albany Records (2006) Troy 882


Studio for New Music, Moscow Conservatory

Additional music by David Gompper, Noel Zahler, Joseph Dangerfield, and George Crumb

Aubade. Karel Paukert

CMA/Azica (2005)

Four Chorale Preludes

Karel Paukert, organ


Scenes from MountainScenes From a Mountain

Fox Glove Records (2002)


Richard Ingham, alto saxophone; Mary McCarthy, piano

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Chicago Saxophone Quartet

Centaur Records (1991)

Evolution V

Chicago Saxophone Quartet

Jean-Michel Goury and Quatuor Apollinaire.  Salom Tours 2000-01

EROL Records 7030 (2002)

Transparent Eyes

Quatuor ApollinaireJean-Michel Goury, alto saxophone; Sophie Goury, flute; Yves Josset and Marie-Christine Wlazlik, pianos