Lines from Tennyson

Date: 1984

Text: excerpts from Ulysses by Alfred Lord Tennyson

Instrumentation: SATB chorus, soprano solo, baritone solo, 4 flutes, percussion

Commission: Carol Poolman and the Toledo Masterworks Chorale

Dedication: For Carol Poolman and the Toledo Masterworks Chorale

Premiere: Masterworks Chorale; Carol Poolman, director. Covenant United Presbyterian Church. Toledo, OH. June 9, 1984

Duration: 13′30″

Publication: contact composer

Recording: Access Records (1985). JRC 85042

Supported in part by funding from the Ohio Arts Council

Review: “Marilyn Shrude, who teaches at Bowling Green State University, is a composer of rare insights and unusual tastes. Having heard some of her music, no two pieces are even near alike. The premiere of her Chorale-commissioned “Lines from Tennyson,” from “Ulysses,” proved to be a huge success. Using percussion, four flutes, baritone (Keith Smeltzer) and soprano (Joan Eckermann) soloists, and the Chorale, the music is an elegiac exploration in sound, and the text is reflective, thoughtful. The music seemed to have a strong oriental influence in the use of percussion and some other effects, such as whispering, chanting, unison, and so on. But it is more than just being different. It holds together very well, and it was performed with much empathy.” Boris Nelson. The Toledo Blade. 6/11/84.