Memorie di luoghi . . .

Date: 2001

Instrumentation: violin, piano

Dedication: For Maria

Premiere: Maria Sampen, violin and Marilyn Shrude, piano. 22nd Annual New Music & Art Festival. Bowling Green State University. 10/7/01

Duration: ca. 21′

Publication: contact composer

Review: “highly descriptive, with many extended techniques for the violin, accompanied by piano, notably passages with a lot of tremolo and uptempo rhythms, not to mention some lovely moments of peace and rest, all as a reminiscence upon time spent in Bellagio, Italy…. Maria Sampen, Marilyn Shrude’s daughter, is a violinist to ponder. Not only was her technique spot-on and exciting, but she projected an unbridled joy in her playing through body language that was close to terpsichorean.” Barry L. Cohen. New Music Connoisseur, Vol. 16, No. 2, Winter/Spring 2008-09.

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Movement 1

Movement 2

Movement 3