Renewing the Myth

Date: 1988

Instrumentation: alto saxophone, piano

Commission: John Sampen

Dedication: For John Sampen

Premiere: 9th World Saxophone Congress. Tokyo. John Sampen, saxophone; Marilyn Shrude, piano. 8/13/88

Duration: 9′30″

Publication: Editions Henry Lemoine #26827 H.L.

Recordings: Neuma Records 450-80 (1992)
Albany Troy 526 (2002)

Required work for 150 participants of the International Adolphe Sax Competition (October-November 2002)

Reviews: “Renewing the Myth is an outstanding work that certainly lives up to the title.” Saxophone Journal. Nov/Dec 1993

“This is enjoyable virtuoso music, superbly played.” James H. North. Fanfare Magazine. June 1993

“…this is certainly an important addition to the saxophone repertoire. The beautifully idiomatic writing for saxophone and piano as well as the maintaining of a look back to the nineteenth century through the lens of atonality give the work a satisfying stylistic integrity.” Linda Dusman. Computer Music Journal. Spring 1994