Shadows and Dawning

Date: 1982

Instrumentation: soprano saxophone, piano

Commission: Theresa Witmer

Dedication: For Theresa Witmer

Premiere: 7th World Saxophone Congress. Nurenberg, Germany. Theresa Witmer, saxophone; Marilyn Shrude, piano. July 9, 1982

Publication: Verlag Neue Musik Berlin. NM 2708

Recordings: ATMA Records (1998). ACD 2 2154
Albany Records (2002). Troy 526
Orion Masterworks (1983). ORS 85487

Reviews: “a one-movement chamber tone poem depicting the gradual transformation of nature’s darkness to lightÑnighttime to dawning. Moods of mystery and modernistic performance techniques are usedÑmultiphonics, timbral trills, and the like. Eventually the piano begins passagework reminiscent of shimmering—the first traces of light are apparent; the saxophone trills excitedly and the picture is complete.” S.W.E. Fanfare. Nov./Dec. 1986