Visions in Metaphor (version for alto saxophone)

Date: 1996

Instrumentation: alto saxophone

Commission: John Sampen

Dedication: For John Sampen

Premiere: John Sampen, saxophone. SUNY Postsdam. 4/11/96

Duration: 6′30″

Recording: Albany Troy 442 (2001)

*Note – this piece can be performed with dancer.

Review: “The highlight was marked by Visions in Metaphor from the year 1996 by Marilyn Shrude. The enthusiastic audience saw a capable and impressive Pas seul, a courageously-enchanting solo dance which was performed with graceful, rhythmic movements acrobatically by Ariadne Mikou, accompanied by her saxophone playing husband, and for which both of them received thunderous applause.” Von Werner Boderidorff. Kieler Nachrichten. August 16, 2007.

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