Date: 2006

Instrumentation: alto saxophone, piano

Commission: Sigma Alpha Iota

Dedication: For Robert Samels and Chris Carducci

Premiere: John Sampen, saxophone, and Marilyn Shrude, piano. SAI 44th National Convention—Orlando, Florida. 7/29/06

Duration: ca. 11′

Publication: C. F. Peters

Reviews: “The newest work, ‘Lacrimosa’ has a wonderfully intimate interplay between the two instruments. Very organic in how the piano and saxophone unfold their duet, the piece is compellingly expressive and filled with poignant imagery, which the two players [Sampen and Shrude] captured dramatically.” Deseret Morning News. Salt Lake City, Utah. “‘Dreamscape’ is striking” by Edward Reichel. September 16, 2006.

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